A sky of vast blue, a fit life, living spaces with plenty of oxygen and integrated with green…

The apartments located on a land of approximately 20 decares have features that make your life easier with their 150-meter distance from the seashore and architectural equipment suitable for all seasons.

There is air conditioning system, private parking lot and a communal pool belonging to the site residents. The garden use of the apartments belongs to the lower floors and varies in square meters. The hosts have the opportunity to use the private facilities and the beach located in the Acropol Port.

  • Project Area: 21,259.37 m²
  • Dwelling Type: 68 Pieces 2+1 Apartment
  • Gross Area: 77,20 m²
  • Net Area: 68,00 m²
  • Private Parking
  • Communal Swimming Pool : 270 m²
  • Completion Date: December 2022