Being surrounded by the smell of the sea and a thousand shades of green is a real source of peace…

Acropol Port’s single-storey detached villas, located on an area of about 12 acres, are constructed under the Port Premium name. Our villas, which have features that make your life easier with their 150-meter distance to the seashore and architectural equipment suitable for all seasons, open the doors to a very comfortable life for you.

There is a air conditioning system, private parking lot and a commun pool belonging to the site residents.

Project Area: 12,510.00 m²

Dwelling Type: 36 Pieces 2+1 Single-Storey Detached Villa

Garden Area: 60 m²- 210 m²

Gross Area: 94 m²

Net Area: 85 m²

Common Swimming Pool: 150 m²

At a distance of 150 meters from the sea, there is the possibility of a private facility and the use of the beach.

Completion Date: December 2022